January Winternships in Mexico


DRCLAS partners with several organizations in Mexico City to provide January internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in various fields. Some examples are computer science, venture capital, education reform, journalism, human rights, and economic policy, among many others. These internship programs serve as pre-professional experiences. Students should be prepared to work, mainly in Spanish, in an office-like atmosphere. The program also includes cultural activities throughout Mexico, administered by DRCLAS staff. The programs take place in Mexico City, a densely populated megacity and the capital of Mexico. An open-mind and positive attitude is necessary for the participant to succeed. Please see below for our January Program opportunities and descriptions. Click here to view the presentation from this year's info sessions.

Program dates: January 4 - 26, 2019 (Arrival and departure dates ARE included. Students may opt to leave Sunday, January 27, if preferred, without additional expenses. Mandatory orientation is held on January 5 and 6. Internships run January 7 - 25).

Program fee: $1000 (Fee covers housing and group cultural activities in Mexico. Students are responsible for covering daily meals and airfare. In the past, students have spent an average of an additional $400-$500 on independent activities and expenses, excluding airfare). **Please note that DRCLAS has funding available for students with demonstrated financial need.

Cancellation Policy: A fee of $250 will be applied for participant cancellation after November 16, 2018. No exceptions will be made.

The deadline for the 2019 program has passed. Applicants will hear about the status of their application by November 2, 2018.



Harvard College & Graduate Students will apply using CARAT (Centralized Application for Research and Travel). The application is named DRCLAS 2019 January Winternships in Mexico Application. Please be sure you are applying through the correct application. Click here to view detailed instructions about the application process on CARAT.

The following information is required in the application:
• Personal statement (English, 500 words, explaining your interest in specific organization(s))
• Current one-page resume
• Unofficial transcript from current semester (proof of enrollment, no grades will show)
• Name/Contact Information of one Harvard Community Member who can serve as your verbal reference (Example: TF, advisor, professor, etc.)

*You do NOT need an actual letter of recommendation from your reference. The reference may contacted verbally or by email only*

In addition, students will be asked to sign-up for a mandatory in-person interview between October 15 - 19, 2018. Interviews will be conducted in Spanish, unless otherwise noted. Schedule your Mexico-program interview here.

Questions? Please contact Ariana Campos Domínguez and/or Rachel Murray-Crawford, Mexico Program Managers. 



23 Design // Strategic Design

23 Design
We are a strategic design firm based in Mexico City.

23 helps organizations answer two crucial questions: What should we build and how should it work?

With a human-centered approach we discover strategies, design tactics, and build artifacts to help our clients bridge value to profits.
We design products, services, strategies and experiences that can help to solve problems in peoples daily life.

From Mexico City studio we serve clients all over the world –from Palo Alto to Tel Aviv.

Internship Description

Interns responsibilities are to help their teams in the project's process, but mainly to search for their self-growth and learn about everything that they can in the time they work with us.
They have to catch up to the work-flow quickly and be part of the team.

Throughout your stay at 23, you can expect to:

- Work in high stakes projects with company leadership on both sides
- Gain insight in a broad set of markets and industries
- Learn how to run a modern design consultancy
- Develop additional top performer skills and habits
- Learn new mental models and techniques to deal with complexity
- Learn how to bridge human behavior to business goal

Intern Qualifications

We are looking for a young professional who has graduated recently and/or are looking to expand their real-world learning through the hyper-growth of working as a sidekick to the partners of 23.

Day to Day Activities
As a Business Operations intern you will be expected to participate in executive meetings and be involved in the day to day strategic decision-making process of the company.

Your main tasks will be:

- Research in general
- Market and industry analysis
- Business modeling
- Content curation
- Planning

Required Mindset:

- Growth: Is always looking for new learning opportunities to become a better version of him/herself.
- Interdisciplinary: Has a basic understanding of different disciplines and how they play together in creating value.
- Risk taker: Has proven to be courageous in his career and still wants to be
- Problem solving through experimentation
- Fast learning
- Bias towards execution

Required Skills:

- Synthesis and abstraction
- Native or close to native spoken and written English
- Fluent Spanish
- Writing comes as second nature
- Resourcefulness: Can figure out solutions to basic problems with a limited set of initial resources.
- Reliable: Delivers under promised time and conditions
- Desirable Skills
- Advanced use of Keynote or Google Slides.
- Strategic mindset focus on business

***Any degree or academic background that fits the described profile will be seriously considered.

ALLVP // Venture capital, Entrepreneurship

ALLVP (formerly Venture Institute Partners)
(open to graduate students only, see specifics in each project listing)

ALLVP  Antoni Lelo de Larrea Venture Partners - founded by Federico Antoni and Fernando Lelo de Larrea in 2012, is one of the most active Series A fund in the venture capital industry in Latin America. Across two portfolios, the fund has invested in twenty-five highly innovative and successful companies throughout the region such as Alkanza, the fastest growing global B2B robo-adviser, Enlight, Mexican leader of solar energy services, weex, the revolutionary mobile virtual network operator and Aplazame, Spain’s pioneer check out lending platform. ALLVP is a member of the Latin-American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), the Mexican Private Equity Association (AMEXCAP) and Endeavor Investor Network.


Projects and Responsibilities


The responsibilities of the role will be within the following:

  • Prepare industry research reports including: customer, regulation, competition, potential acquirers, exit multiples, etc. Analyze key industry trends and investment implications in Mexico and Latin America.
  • Assist the associates in the investment processes including: sourcing, financial modeling and analysis, due diligence, valuation and transaction execution.
  • Provide support to portfolio companies including: growth strategy, financial analysis, operations, etc.


Intern Qualifications

• Graduate student with a completed Bachelor in Business Administration, Finance or Economics.
• Professional experience in a start-up, investment banking, private equity, venture capital, business development or operations.
• Preferred experience in financial modeling.
• Passion for technology, innovation and emerging markets.
• Analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Ability to produce polished reports and presentations.
• Proficiency in English (written and spoken) and Spanish (spoken).


Ambulante // Documentary Film & Social Impact

AMBULANTE (open to undergraduates)

Ambulante is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting and promoting documentary film as a tool for social and cultural transformation. Founded in Mexico in 2005 by Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Pablo Cruz and Elena Fortes, Ambulante brings documentary films and training programs to places where they are rarely available in order to create a participative, informed and critical public, cultivate new forms of expression, and encourage debate in Mexico and abroad.

Each year, Ambulante organizes an international film festival that tours Mexico for three months. Ambulante presents over 100 documentaries, invites more than 100 guests from Mexico and abroad, and holds screenings in over 150 venues. Ambulante’s objective is to promote documentary film within Mexico and reach a broader audience by screening films in a wide array of venues.

Ambulante is currently the largest documentary film festival in Mexico. It includes film screenings, workshops, talks, seminars, symposiums, networking panels, documentary theater, drive-in cinema, and a showcase of documentaries at the Ibero-American Music Festival Vive Latino held in Mexico City. Ambulante opens up different ways of experiencing and understanding documentary film. It is a non-competitive film festival, and over 60% of its program is free.

Additionally, Ambulante Beyond aims to train new filmmakers from Latin America who have limited access to the resources that would allow them to share their stories with a wider audience. Through modular workshops designed to meet the specific needs of its participants, Ambulante Beyond fosters independent production and alternative forms of aesthetic expression so that stories can be told from a unique cultural perspective without being constrained by conventional storytelling models.

Internship Description

Each year, Ambulante organizes an international film festival that tours Mexico for two months. We present over 100 documentaries and hold screenings in over 150 venues. Ambulante promotes documentary films all over the country. The tour seeks to expand the traditional exhibition circuits in Mexico, beyond the commercial venues, in order to reach different groups.

1. Communications (outreach, press, editorial)
1. Programming (prescreening documentaries for the festival)

Intern Qualifications

Language Requirements: Spanish is preferred, but applicants with limited knowledge of Spanish will also be considered.

AtentaMente // Social-Emotional well being Non-Profit


AtentaMente is a nonprofit organization that focuses on cultivating social emotional skills through initiatives in education, government, stand-alone workshops, and professional development. Based in Mexico City, the organization has offices in four Mexican states, though through its collaboration with the Secretary of Education, The United Nations Development Programme, and several other foundations and private enterprises, AtentaMente’s impact can be seen throughout the country. True to its mission statement “cambio yo, cambia todo” AtentaMente focuses on developing rigorous, evidence-based, programming to cultivate the inner wellbeing of individuals of all ages and all walks of life, through this model, the organization hopes to change the Mexican social fabric, promoting a society that is happier, healthier, and truly harmonious.

Internship Description

Project 1. Research and Academic Intern
Project Description: The intern will provide programmatic and content support for AtentaMente’s academic programs, including, but not limited to k-8 curriculum material, workshop content, and pedagogical approach.

Project 2. Communications Intern
Project Description: In conjunction with AtentaMente’s communications team, support its communications strategy, including, but not limited to the organization’s website, social media pages, and original promotional material.

Project 3 Technology in Education Intern

Project 4 Communications intern
Project Description: In conjunction with AtentaMente’s technology, communication and academic team, the intern will provide support for AtentaMente’s App and online educational platform, including, but not limited to k-8 curriculum material, research structures and follow up strategies.

Intern Qualifications

Project 1
● Minimum of intermediate Spanish.
● Background knowledge and interest in social emotional learning.
● Background knowledge and interest in research.
● Computer skills (Microsoft Office suite, video editing or design platform experience is a plus)
● Media communications skills - social media.
● Flexibility and versatility to work on fast-growing and continuously evolving projects.
● Attention to detail.
● Entrepreneurship, strong ability to work in highly unstructured environment; readiness to roll up sleeves.
● Ability to work independently.
● Strong relationship-building skills.

Project 2.
● Minimum of intermediate Spanish.
● Media communications skills - social media
● Ability to work independently.
● Computer skills (Microsoft Office suite, video editing or design platform experience is a plus)
● Ability to work independently.
● Strong relationship-building skills.
● Enthusiasm.
● Entrepreneurship, strong ability to work in highly unstructured environment; readiness to roll up sleeves.

Project 3.
● Minimum of intermediate Spanish.
● Ability to work independently.
● Computer and programming skills (EdEx, moodle, programming App (for android and iphone), video editing, design platform experience is a plus )
● Ability to work independently.
● Strong relationship-building skills.
● Enthusiasm.
● Entrepreneurship, strong ability to work in highly unstructured environment; readiness to roll up sleeves.


Scholarships for AtentaMente’s workshop.

Bright//Solar Energy

Bright - Bringing residential solar to developing countries

Building a global movement to rapidly spread clean energy

We provide universal and equitable access to solar energy for Mexican families, allowing them to change to a sustainable and innovative lifestyle.

Available projects

Sales Strategy/Sales Analytics - (Need extensive experience with SQL)

Expansion Strategy

Asset Management

Installation Partnership Strategy

Software Roadmap Planning

Intern Qualifications

Must be a go getter and passionate about renewable energy. Fluent in Spanish.

For more information: https://www.thinkbright.mx/en/

C Minds // Innovative Technology start-up, Development

C Minds
C Minds is a tech4impact agency that seeks to contribute to Mexico’s and Latin America’s social and economic development via the use of new technologies. During its 10 years of experience in impact innovation, the agency has been working with all levels of government, NGOs, civil society and the industry at an international level to promote and lead the creation of new public policies, design and implement pilot projects and contribute to a general cultural shift. Our aim is to ensure an inclusive Fourth Industrial Revolution in Mexico and Latin America.

Internship Description

Organizational - To foster social and economic development in Mexico through cross-sector initiatives that harness the power of new technologies, solving global challenges at a local level.
Personal - To grow in an innovative and collaborative environment and better understand the social innovation sector in Mexico and how technology can contribute to reaching social objectives.

To support the design, development and implementation of new and existing projects, which will mainly include Finance Innovation (incl. Open Banking), our AI for Good Lab (focus on ethics and democratizing the potential for impact of AI) and various international knowledge exchange platforms.

Stay up to date with technological developments
Research the use of technology in different sectors with a development focus
Support the creation of new strategies and projects or initiatives
Support the drafting of collaboration and financing proposals
Support the coordination of events and meetings
Support design-related activities
Contribute to the creation of blogs and analysis articles

Intern Qualifications

- fluent in English and Spanish
- interest in technology and its potential for impact
- project management capabilities
- ability to juggle different projects at the same time
- ability to manage different stakeholders
- research skills
- professionalism
- creativity
- detail oriented

CEMLA // Economic Policy

CEMLA (Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos)
(open to undergraduate and graduate students)

Winter interns will support CEMLA's Research Division by working together with the staff of PhD economists in the editing of manuscripts written by research groups from 15 central banks in Latin America and the Caribbean who are analyzing topics related to monetary policy and financial stability.

Intern Responsibilities:

Interns will support research activities by editing and reviewing different research developed during the Joint Research Project of the Central Banks 2018: The natural interest rate in emerging economies and other research papers of the Research Department.

Intern Qualifications:

  • Background or concentration in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics International Relations, Political Science, History, Government, Public Administration, or English preferred.
  • Good knowledge of Spanish useful. Research department is completely bilingual.



Comisión Ejecutiva de Atención a Víctimas//Human Rights, Law

Comisión Ejecutiva de Atención a Víctimas

Our main goal is to help the victims of human rights violations and crime through multidisciplinary system work (medical, legal, psychological and social work assistance).

Intern Projects

The students will be helping in the Federal Legal Advice of the CEAV, which has different areas as migration, gender and forensic studies, criminal law, and human rights violations. The interns could rotate within the different areas so they can learn and help to develop various activities to assist the human rights and crime victims.
For instance, in the Legal Orientation Area we have the face-to-face legal assistance to the victims of crime and human rights violations. In addition, we manage compliance with the precautionary measures of the Inter-American Human Rights System.

Intern Qualifications

• Interests (human rights, criminal law, social assistance, migration, gender studies)
• Be proficient in Spanish
• Undergraduate and Graduate Students
• Team work

For more information https://www.gob.mx/ceav/documentos/asesoria-juridica-federal 

Comunica la Ciudad // Urban Planning consulting

Comunica la Ciudad is a consultancy on Urban Planning and Design that works in performing studies, communication strategies and urban consultancy for private and public stakeholders in the areas of Transit Oriented Development, Public Spaces and Social Housing all over Mexico.

Internship Description

Urban Design and Mobility Planning projects, Public Space and Public Life surveys, urban studies of everyday life of citizens in different urban realms.

Intern Qualifications

Urban Design skills, writing skills and field work experience


First Logistics Global Inc. // Logistics

First Logistics Global Inc. is an organization dedicated to international trade througout global logistics, imports and exports.

Internship Description

The intern would participate in actions directed to global logistic operations, learning how is the real work in the daily flow of international trade of goods.

Intern Qualifications

  • Medium level of Spanish is required
  • Interests in Operations Management
  • Interest in emerging markets


USD$100 per week and 1 meal per day included


INEE // Educational Reform Evaluation, Education Policy

Instituto Nacional para la Evaluación de la Educación

The institute is an autonomous entity whose mission is to evaluate the current Mexican educational system.

Internship Projects

The intern would work in Presidencia de la Junta de Gobierno, working on current projects evaluating educational quality and helping with logistical needs. 

Intern Qualifications

  • Good level of Spanish
  • Interest in Education and Education policy
  • Preferably experience with data bases (and data base entry)
  • Good team player

La Huerta de Elisa//Nutrition Start-up

La Huerta de Elisa is Mexico's 1st locally-inspired, all-natural baby food company. We leverage native foods that are marketed abroad as ¨superfoods¨ (i.e avocado, cactus, mamey) to provide Mexico´s children with the nutrients they need for their development. Our products are sold via our online platform, where we offer weekly and bi-weekly packages that are tailored for the working parent’s busy schedule.

Internship Projects

Nutrition Intern

  • Responsible for developing content on child nutrition to be shared with parents via our social media, online blogs and e-mail communication
  • Coordinate with our Head of Partnerships in planning and executing workshops for parents on nutritional tips for children
  • Advise on the development of new products (fruit & vegetable purees) as well as the messaging around nutritional benefits

Public Health Intern

  • Coordinate with our Head of Partnerships in identifying and establishing relationships with public, private and non-profit organizations in Mexico whose mission overlaps with ours of improving child nutrition through native fruits & vegetables
  • Conduct informational interviews with public and private health experts regarding the links of early childhood nutrition and long-term health
  • Represent La Huerta de Elisa at public health forums and other related events in Mexico City

Marketing Intern

  • Responsible for analyzing customer reach and conversion rates for our social media, e-mail marketing and other online channels
  • Conduct analysis of customer demographics and online viewing/purchasing habits, in order to maximize return on investment for ad spending via various channels
  • Work with our Digital Marketing Manager in conducting market research (surveys, interviews, focus groups) and incorporating the insights obtained into our strategy

Intern Qualifications

Child Nutrition Intern

  • Obtained or working towards a Bachelor or Master’s degree in nutrition, food science or a related field
  • Strong writing and reading skills in Spanish
  • Humility & ability to empathize with our target customer base (parents with busy lives)
  • Prior experience with child nutrition topics is a plus, but not required

Public Health Intern

  • Obtained or working towards a Master's degree in public health or public policy
  • Humility & ability to empathize with our target customer base (parents with busy lives)
  • Advanced understanding or fluency in Spanish is strongly preferred
  • Coursework in Latin America public health or food related topics is required

Marketing Intern

  • Humility and ability to empathize with target customer base (parents with busy lives)
  • 1st year graduate student in an MBA, MPP or MPH program
  • Understanding of social media (FB, Instagram), SEO, and other digital marketing channels
  • Experience in a marketing or creative content firm preferred, but not necessary
  • Advanced understanding or fluency in Spanish is required

MakeSense // Social Innovation

MAKESENSE (open to undergraduates and graduate students)

MakeSense is an international organization that designs social and environmental programs, with citizens, social entrepreneurs and organizations to reach the Sustainable Developement Goals of the UN.

Internship Projects

Impact Business Development (Business Development & Partnerships Department): one intern will help us strengthen our business development strategy and build relevant tools (prospection, follow-up, communication) to reach our social and environmental impact with corporates, universities, NGOs and governments.

Impact Methodologies Design (Innovation Department): one intern will be in charge of searching existing innovation methodologies and design new creative tools that foster social and environmental innovation towards citizens, social entrepreneurs and organizations.

Intern Qualifications

- both fluent in Spanish
- both interested in Latin American culture
- both interested in Social and Environmental issues
- one intern from the Graduate School of Design
- one intern interested in Business Development for Social Impact
- both with computer


No, but transportation for meetings or events within the mission will be covered.

México, ¿Cómo Vamos?//Economics Think Tank

México, ¿Cómo Vamos? is an economics think tank focused on keeping track of economic indicators such as growth, informality and public debt at a national and subnational level based on specific targets through our “Economic Traffic Light”. Our goal is to communicate in a clear way public economic data for everyone to understand and better support their statements on economic policy. We also work as a link between the academia and the private and public sectors to develop ideas on how to reach Mexico’s full economic potential.

Internship Description

Presidential and local elections will be held in Mexico during 2018. Interns will participate in a research project to analyze several economic and social indicators at a national and subnational level. The purpose of this research will be to elaborate a booklet that evaluates the governors finishing their term. This booklet will also include concrete proposals to tear down obstacles for economic growth and tackle poverty and inequality. The purpose will be to heavily influence the political discourse and provide information for the civil society to develop specific demands from the candidates.

Intern Qualifications

  • Level of Spanish 9/10.
  • Preferred major: 1) Economics. 2) Political science students could also be useful as long as they’re are keen on working with data and statistics.
  • Computer skills: Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Design skills would be useful in order to translate economic data into easy-to-read infographics.
  • Interests: Students should have a strong interest in developing feasible public policy ideas based on hard data to address some of Mexico’s issues, such as the negative impact of labor productivity and informality on economic growth.

For more information: http://www.mexicocomovamos.mx/

Oficina de Resilencia Urbana // GSD Urban Planning start up

Oficina de Resiliencia Urbana (ORU) is an emerging practice of applied research, urban design and landscape infrastructure that explores the socio-environmental impact of a territorial dimension in design to build resilience and improve the human experience. For this, ORU expands the technical capacities of different regions, cities and communities to strengthen a culture of multi-scalar, multi-temporal and multi-actor planning that allows them to design and implement projects of urban regeneration and systemic integration.

Internship Description

Urban design and landscape projects in Mexico City and Latin America. We work on research and design collaborating with multiple partners. Our aim is to contribute to resilience of cities and regions. Currently we're working on projects in Mexico City and Bogotá.

Intern Qualifications

Experience with  Urban design or landscape and mapping

OPI Analytics // Big Data, Machine Learning, Coding

OPI Analytics

OPI Analytics implements Machine Learning powered decision support solutions for a variety of industries. We help our clients transform their decision making processes by providing valuable data and customized algorithms to solve recurring problems critical to the organization.

Internship Description

OPI has found a growing niche in the Advanced Analytics market and positioned itself as a company capable of delivering value through data in several industries. This value is concentrated in solving particular operating problems for each client, which requires a variable level of customization. OPI has been able to standardize one of this solutions and deliver it through a subscription model, but the rest of the solutions are still delivered ad hoc. The market in Mexico as well as demand for OPI’s solutions are growing at an accelerated rate, and OPI’s implementation framework and data and technological assets have proven its worth . Yet, OPI has not found a clear path to scalability and is currently working through a service-intensive model with some clients, and a recurring subscription model with others.

Intern Qualifications

Knowledge and interest in: data science, applied math, project management, coding skills.


VICE Media // Journalism, Translation

VICE Media LLC is a North American digital media and broadcasting company.

Internship Projects

Editorial - Translations 

Intern Qualifications

Bilingual English/Spanish
Editorial experience


Wave Group Global // Entrepreneurship building & consulting

Wave Group Global

We are a venture building company focused in the corporate part for tech projects among 10 industries in Latin America. We are a bridge for Latin American entrepreneurs (and in emerging markets) to connect between themselves and/or with complementary companies, providers or clients. 

Internship Projects

A list of the different ongoing projects that we hope to assign interns to:

  • DAIDEX is the first Latin American decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform - The intern will be responsible for carrying out the study and possibly validating the opening of the platform in other Latin American countries at the lowest cost. Related preferred profile: Business development, administration, international relations.
  • ARTIFICIA is a social platform that brings Mexican artisans closer to design to create their own brands and commercialize them in Artificia´s e-commerce - Activity: The intern will develop the expansion strategy in the US and Europe. Customer Development. - Related preferred profile: Business development, administration, business.
  • WELLCOME is in the co-living sector, where you can share a flat a community of international roomies who share amazing flats with awesome people in the trendy neighborhoods. - Activity: The intern will develop the investment strategy to raise investment rounds in US for the startup. Related profile: Business development, finance.
  • GIRL POWER is consolidated as the HUB of empowerment for women with a hight impact in Mexico, focused on providing tools, knowledge, connection to current women who considers that what she has is not enough, as she knows she can go higher as professional without neglecting the basis of his life, her family. We promote women's empowerment, we promote gender equality. - Activity: The intern will develop the commercial strategy for our virtual platform to increase our users in the spanish speaking world. Related profile: Marketing, Communication.
  • DOCTTIUS is a telemedicine tool in which a medical specialist can connect with Spanish-speaking clients around the world. Activity: The intern will develop the communication strategy to increase our users in the spanish-speaking world. Related preferred profiles: Marketing, Communication.

Intern Qualifications

  • Spanish level - 60%
  • Academic major - Does not matter (However, in the financial project we do prefer a Graduate student, MBA, MPP, etc...)
  • Interns who are interested in: Startups in mexican market, coworking, growth hacking.
  • Past work experience: It´s important for us to have someone who has experience in working with startups or someone who is an entrepreneur.
  • Style: Focused on results

Yalo Chat//Computer Science, chatbots

Yalo Chat works with businesses providing them chatbots that help them improve customer service and consumer communication.

Internship Projects

Potential projects include working with our engineers optimizing our operation/natural language processing/platform; UX/UI design for our platform or specific products; Social media marketing strategy to drive significant traffic to existing chatbots.

Intern Qualifications

We can customize projects to either undergraduate or graduate level students. Computer Science, Design, Business or similar majors are ideal but we're open to different skills and experience levels if there's a strong interest on the part of the student. Knowledge of Spanish is helpful, but not required.

For more information: https://www.yalochat.com/

Zubale // HBS founded Crowdsourcing App start-up



Zubale is an online marketplace for brands to crowdsource insights from consumers in emerging markets. Think "Task Rabbit for Brand Managers". We provide a faster, better way for Brands to engage the middle class via their smartphone. We are a HBS founded startup backed by top tier VCs with deep consumer expertise at Walmart/P&G. We currently have over 2,000+ users, and launched our MVP (app) this summer in Mexico. 

Internship Description

Product/Engineering Team

Marketing/Customer Experience Team: User testing and interviews, social media marketing strategy and execution

Writing/Production Team: Develop scripts for nightly show with creative direction, develop original creative content, produce and film with talent

Intern Qualifications

Product/Engineering: CS majors experience in Java, databases (no sql, relational) React Native, UI/UX prototyping tools a plus.

Marketing/Customer Experience: ideally intermediate Spanish (should be able to conduct interviews with customers in Spanish - nice to have but not must have). Experience developing social media marketing campaigns, analyzing funnel metrics.

Writing Production Team: Experience writing for publications, shows, productions (ex: Harvard shows, Hasty Pudding, Newspaper etc)