January Winternships in Mexico


DRCLAS has partnered with several organizations in Mexico City to provide January internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in various fields. These internship programs serve as pre-professional experiences. Students should be prepared to work, mainly in Spanish, in an office-like atmosphere. The programs take place in Mexico City, a densely populated megacity and the capital of Mexico. An open-mind and positive attitude is necessary for the participant to succeed. Please see below for our January Program opportunities and descriptions. Click here to view the presentation from this year's info sessions.

Program dates: January 2 - 20, 2018 (Arrival and departure dates included. Mandatory orientation is held on January 3 and internships run January 4 - 19.)

Program fee: $1000 (Fee covers housing and group cultural activities in Mexico. Students are responsible for covering daily meals and airfare). Please note that DRCLAS has limited funding available for students with demonstrated financial need.

Cancellation Policy: A fee of $250 will be applied for participant cancellation after November 17, 2017. No exceptions will be made.

Application deadline: The deadline for the 2018 program has passed. Applicants will head about the status of their application by November 1, 2017, 5:00 PM.



Harvard College & Graduate Students will apply using CARAT (Centralized Application for Research and Travel). The application is named DRCLAS 2018 January Winternships in Mexico Application. Please be sure you are applying through the correct application. Click here to view detailed instructions about the application process on CARAT.

The following information is required in the application:
• Personal statement (English, 500 words, explaining your interest in specific organization(s))
• Current one-page resume
• Unofficial transcript from current semester (proof of enrollment, no grades will show)
• Name/Contact Information of one Harvard Community Member who can serve as your verbal reference (Example: TF, advisor, professor, etc.)

*You do NOT need an actual letter of recommendation from your reference. The reference may contacted verbally or by email only*

In addition, students will be asked to sign-up for a mandatory in-person interview between October 16-20, 2017. Interviews will be conducted in Spanish, unless otherwise noted. Schedule your Mexico-program interview here.

Questions? Please contact Ariana Campos Domínguez and/or Rachel Murray-Crawford, Mexico Program Managers. 



ALLVP // Venture capital, Entrepreneurship

ALLVP (formerly Venture Institute Partners)
(open to graduate students only, see specifics in each project listing)

ALLVP – Antoni & Lelo de Larrea Venture Partners - founded by Federico Antoni and Fernando Lelo de Larrea in 2012, is the most active fund in the early stage venture capital industry in Mexico. With twenty-one highly innovative companies within the healthcare, energy, fintech, consumer digital and enterprise digital sectors across two portfolios, the fund has invested in successful companies such as Weex - the MVNO for millennials, Cornershop – the fastest growing on-demand grocery platform in Latin America and Aplazame – Spain-based online check-out lending platform for e-commerce merchants. The firm is a member of the Latin-American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), the Mexican Private Equity Association (AMEXCAP) and Endeavor Investor Network. 

Our interns will become part of our small, dynamic and passionate team and will get to experience the vibrant atmosphere of working in a venture capital fund in Mexico City, reporting directly to the Principal and Managing Partners. 

In addition to the two “corporate” projects, ALLVP also proposes 3 positions in portfolio companies Visor (fintech) and Enlight (energy). 


1. Talent Acquisition for Startups
Due to the specific work environment and profiles of the collaborators that startups seek, one of the main challenges faced by portfolio companies is talent acquisition. ALLVP is seeking to develop a robust methodology in order to systematically find and retain great candidates for its portfolio companies. The foundations of this project have been developed with a Harvard intern from the Kennedy School in Winter 2016, for the 2017 project, ALLVP is seeking an intern to develop an actionable methodology that can be applied to some potential candidates by the end of the internship .

Intern Tasks:
ALLVP expects the candidate to work independently on this project and to apply her/his knowledge and skills to hand in a strong practical proposition that can be used both by the Fund’s team and portfolio companies’ founders.

Translate the previous investigation’s findings into actionable steps to recruit talented candidates.
Interview founders and current startups employees in order to understand the challenges faced and their expectations talent wise.
Develop manuals to be used both by the Fund’s team and startups founders. What you will learn:
Understand the Mexican startup ecosystem
Understand the dynamics and challenges of startup talent acquisition from an investor and founder’s point of view.
Understand the stake of venture capital investors and how they add value to portfolio companies. 

What you will learn:
Understand the Mexican startup ecosystem
Understand the dynamics and challenges of startup talent acquisition from an investor and founder’s point of view
Understand the stake of venture capital investors and how they add value to portfolio companies.

Eligibility: Open to graduate students only from HBS, GSE, HSPH, GSD, HKS and GSAS


2. Corporate Government – Best Practices

Any startup that has raised funding must put in place some form of governance structure to report to investors. Building a Board, and managing it effectively is a key task for a startup CEO and founding team, yet many founders have never set up a Board before and generally struggle to identify what to expect from Board members and what the Board expects from them. ALLVP is positioned as a very hands-on investor and
therefore wishes to support founders in building a strong and strategic Board, which role can evolve as the Company matures. The intern will work directly with founders and Board members to build a Best Practice Manual guiding startup founders on the appropriate role of the Board and how to manage it in such ways that it can be an effective decision making tool for the Company’s strategic issues.

Thoroughly investigate on corporate governance practices among the Venture Capital industry and successful startups, both in Mexico and abroad. Interview Board members, investors and startups founders to understand their view and expectations of the Board’s role. Elaborate a Best Practice manual than can be used both by ALLVP and founders to build and manage effectively Boards.

What you will learn:
Understand the Mexican startup ecosystem
Understand the dynamics and challenges of building and managing a Board of Directors for startups
Understand the stake of venture capital investors and how they add value to portfolio companies as Board members.
Eligibility: Open to graduate students only from HBS, GSE, HSPH, GSD, HKS and GSAS


1. Enlight
Enlight is Mexico’s leading solar electricity provider which offers a comprehensive solution for residential customers that covers the installation, monitoring and maintenance of photovoltaic systems and offers a wide range of cost-effective alternatives to traditional utilities. The Enlight team, headed by seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts Julian Willenbrock and Roberto Capuano, intends to become the leader in full-service solar power systems for homes and businesses, delivering the best user experience in solar electricity generation and consumption. The Company seeks an intern for its marketing department which would analyze the clients’ experience and develop a set of recommendations to improve the customer journey and enhance sales.

Develop a strong understanding of Enlight’s customer base, potential customers and marketing process
Design a customer journey to increase the customer experience in order to drive stronger engagement and sales.
Eligibility: Open to graduate students only from HBS, GSE, HSPH, GSD, HKS and GSAS, preferably a graduate with marketing and customer related experience. 

2. Visor (2 positions)
Visor is Mexico’s first loan originator and customer management platform for financial institutions. The Company offers unique origination services to financial institutions specifically targeting SMEs, leveraged by its close partnerships with major corporate groups. By reducing friction in the on-boarding origination process, Visor offers outstanding customer management, dynamic risk analytics, and pro-active loan placement as well as dynamic portfolio management. The Company was founded in 2015 by Stanford and INSEAD MBAs.

Project 1: Business Expansion: Help design the international expansion strategy
Responsibilities: Help design the international expansion strategy for the Company, including a rollout model for each region/country, investment requirements, characterization of localization needs, financial models, equity/partnership associations.
Eligibility: Open to graduate students only from HBS, GSE, HSPH, GSD, HKS and GSAS), preferably graduate in Business or similar field.

Project 2: Data Science: Evaluate algorithms and contribute to the Company’s risk analysis.
Responsibilities: Ealuate algorithms, suggest new ones and contribute to risk analysis, marketing and selling models in the Company’s core analytics engine
Eligibility: Open to graduate students in IT, mathematics or related science with knowledge of analytics, programming and math.

Ambulante // Documentary Film & Social Impact

AMBULANTE (open to undergraduates)

Ambulante is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting and promoting documentary film as a tool for social and cultural transformation. Founded in Mexico in 2005 by Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Pablo Cruz and Elena Fortes, Ambulante brings documentary films and training programs to places where they are rarely available in order to create a participative, informed and critical public, cultivate new forms of expression, and encourage debate in Mexico and abroad.

Each year, Ambulante organizes an international film festival that tours Mexico for three months. Ambulante presents over 100 documentaries, invites more than 100 guests from Mexico and abroad, and holds screenings in over 150 venues. Ambulante’s objective is to promote documentary film within Mexico and reach a broader audience by screening films in a wide array of venues.

Ambulante is currently the largest documentary film festival in Mexico. It includes film screenings, workshops, talks, seminars, symposiums, networking panels, documentary theater, drive-in cinema, and a showcase of documentaries at the Ibero-American Music Festival Vive Latino held in Mexico City. Ambulante opens up different ways of experiencing and understanding documentary film. It is a non-competitive film festival, and over 60% of its program is free.

Additionally, Ambulante Beyond aims to train new filmmakers from Latin America who have limited access to the resources that would allow them to share their stories with a wider audience. Through modular workshops designed to meet the specific needs of its participants, Ambulante Beyond fosters independent production and alternative forms of aesthetic expression so that stories can be told from a unique cultural perspective without being constrained by conventional storytelling models.

The AMBULANTE interns will be assigned to work in one of the two areas:

Communications (outreach, press, editorial)
-Watch documentaries programmed for the 2017 tour, write reviews to be published in our blog. Prepare six to eight questions with each review that would be asked to the documentary director in an interview
-Upload content to our blog and website -Social media support
-Review and correction of texts in English
-Update database
-Translate newsletters (Spanish to English)
-Interviews transcriptions from Ambulante Online -Update press report

Programming (prescreening documentaries for the festival)
-Update catalogues inventory, reorganize catalogues collections with new ones (there is already a list, it is needed to be updated with new ones).
-Organize the blu-ray collection of previous tours, organize remainder discs from 2016 tour.
-Organize HD archive from previous tours.
-Organize programming’s digital archive
-Likely to spot Ambulante Presenta movies.

- Proficient in Spanish
- Interest and knowledge about documentary cinema
- Excellent writing skills

Bitso//Digital Currency, Computer Science

Bitso SAPI de CV. Bitso is Latin America’s leading digital currency exchange, currently focused on servicing the Mexican market. The company started operations in April 2014, enabling access to competitive, cost-effective and inclusive financial services for individuals and small businesses in Mexico. Bitso's strong emphasis on financial regulation and compliance, bank-grade payment integrations, proprietary technology, and user-centered design, has positioned the company as the reference for digital currency operations in Mexico.

Project Description

Intern will form part of Bitso's Engineering Team

Intern Qualifications

  • English language proficiency
  • General Computers Science experience
  • Working knowledge of git for version control
  • User-centric/friendly mentality for product building
  • Proficiency in at least one: Javascript, Java, Ruby, Python
Copy and paste this code to your website.
Copy and paste this code to your website.

Bright//Solar Energy

Bright - Bringing residential solar to developing countries

Building a global movement to rapidly spread clean energy

We provide universal and equitable access to solar energy for Mexican families, allowing them to change to a sustainable and innovative lifestyle.

Available projects

Sales Strategy

Expansion Strategy

Asset Management

Installation Partnership Strategy

Software Roadmap Planning

Intern Qualifications

Must be a go getter and passionate about renewable energy. Fluent in Spanish.

For more information: https://www.thinkbright.mx/en/

CEMLA // Economic Policy


CEMLA (Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos) 
(open to undergraduate and graduate students)

Winter interns will support CEMLA's Research Division by working together with the staff of PhD economists in the editing of manuscripts written by research groups from 15 central banks in Latin America and the Caribbean who are analyzing topics related to monetary policy and financial stability.

Intern Responsibilities:

Interns will support research activities by editing and preparing the manuscripts for the book on a Joint Research Project, which analyzes the interactions between monetary policy and financial stability with a special regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Intern Qualifications:

  • Background or concentration in Economics, International Relations, Political Science, History, Government, Public Administration, or English preferred.
  • Working knowledge of Spanish useful, but not necessary as the whole research department is completely bilingual.


Comisión Ejecutiva de Atención a Víctimas//Human Rights, Law

Asesoría Jurídica Federal de la Comisión Ejecutiva de Atención a Víctimas

Our program will take care about cases that concerns about violations of human rights and criminal law.

Intern Projects

  1. Forensic Sciences
  2. Analysis about telecommunication
  3. Marketing Specialists
  4. Social media Specialists
  5. Context Analysis
  6. Computer system experts
  7. Geolocation
  8. Research

For more information https://www.gob.mx/ceav/documentos/asesoria-juridica-federal 

Digital Government Unit // E-government // IOP Director's Internship

DGU: Digital Government Unit of the Ministry of Public Administration (IOP co-sponsored Director's Internship)
open to undergraduate and graduate students; IOP co-sponsored stipend program available only to undergraduates)

The Digital Government Unit (DGU) of the Ministry of Public Administration is in charge of implementing the National Digital Strategy of the Office of the President of Mexico and generating the legal framework for the strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by the federal government. Its goal is to enhance efficiency of government operations, transform and modernize the provision of government services to citizens, facilitate access of these services to society, and promote the management of an open, honest, transparent and accountable government. 

The DGU has created the Developing Talents Program, aimed at helping young people acquire knowledge and new skills through their internships. The DGU's biggest priority is collaborating to generate strategies and policies that promote the use of ICTs by the federal government, and to develop a citizen centered government.

The interns would work in the following areas: the implementation of the Interdepartmental Commission for the Development of E-Government, ICT policies, and the National One-Stop Shop and its different delivery services (Telephone, Online, and Personal). The interns would also work to accelerate the adoption of standards in every government office through guidelines, digital tools and workshop materials, and the implementation of the electronic post office and the advanced e-signature as the principal means for authentication of government services. All projects are aimed at transforming the government to better serve its citizens.

 About the IOP Director's Internship Cosponsorship:

This opportunity is jointly managed by DRCLAS and the Institute of Politics (IOP). Students selected as IOP Director's Interns will participate in the DRCLAS Summer Internship Program in Mexico City, and will receive full-funding from the IOP. Students may use the IOP stipend to cover the DRCLAS program fee, which includes housing, orientation, and cultural activities. See the IOP website for more details. IMPORTANT: Students applying for the IOP program do NOT need to apply through the IOP. You should apply through DRCLAS and interview with DRCLAS staff only. Please contact Rachel Murray-Crawford with questions.

Internship Projects:

The Digital Government Unit has developed the Developing Talents Program, aimed at helping young people acquire knowledge and develop new skills through their internships. Our biggest priority is collaborating to generate strategies and policies that promote the use of ICTs by the federal government, and a citizens centre government.

The main projects that require their skills are for implementing the Interdepartamental Commision for the Development of E-Government, ICT Politics, the National One-Stop Shop and their different delivery services (Telephone, Online and Personal).

One of the other tasks is to accelerate the adoption of standards in every government office through guidelines, digital tools and workshop material, implementation of the electronic post office and the use of the Advanced E-Signature as the principal means for authentication of government services.


  • Excellent organization skills.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Spanish and/or english language
  • One of the following:
  • Knowledge of public policy and/or international business
  • Knowledge of e-government
  • Knowledge of information technologies and/or software development
  • Knowledge in Computing Law

Dream in Mexico & Dev.F.//Dreamers in Mexico, Computer Science

The internship will be organized by Dream in Mexico in collaboration with Dev.F. Dream in Mexico, A.C. is a youth-led nonprofit organization that uses open data to connect dreamers, those still living as undocumented youth in the United States, as well as those who have been deported or voluntarily returned with educational and employment opportunities in Mexico.

The organization collaborates with Dev.F the largest school of software development and hacker culture in Latin America. In Dev.f, students learn by doing and building software from day 1 alongside experienced industry senseis and mentors. 

Internship Projects

The interns will divide their time between Dream in Mexico and Dev.F every week to assist in the development of a website, an application that provides resources for Dreamers and Returnees in Mexico, and support Dev.f’s internal administration system.

A.Website One of the highest priorities of the internship will be to improve Dream in Mexico’s website to make it more useful to potential participants in our program as well as companies and sponsors that we seek to partner with. The intern will work directly with the founders and technical team of Dream in Mexico, as well as mentors from Dev.f, to develop an updated and consistent style and deploy new content that we have already developed. Extensions to this project can include a registration and database system to maintain contact with participants and partners, a blog to let members of the communication team add news stories and original content, and inclusion of multimedia content like Youtube videos.

B. Developing application for Dreamers and Returnees in Mexico We also invite the intern to be involved in the design process of a mobile application to enable those who are deported or returned to have access to relevant information. We hope to bring together information from all different sectors of society to help newcomers in Mexico adapt to their return to the homeland. The intern will assist in researching the best resources, interviewing users to understand their needs, and using methodologies like Google Ventures’ Design Sprint to create and test prototypes. 

C. Dev.f projects In addition to working directly with Dream in Mexico’s project, the intern will have the opportunity to participate in developing Dev.f’s internal administration system. Working alongside Dev.f students, teachers, and core engineering team, the intern will be exposed to all phases of real-world software development, including project planning, use of git+github, unit and functional testing, continuous integration, and deployment. Additional opportunities exist to participate in classes as a student or teacher, and to meet exciting Mexican startups and key people in the local tech community.

Intern Qualifications

  • Language skills: Minimum 1 year college Spanish preferred. All work with Dream in Mexico and Dev.f teams can be done in English, but the school gives its classes in Spanish
  • Preferred academic major: Computer Science or related fields, or relevant experience outside of college
  • Interests: Programming, Social Entrepreneurship, Travel, User Experience
  • Past Work Experience: Have developed more than one website, either personal or for work
  • Undergraduate-graduate level: Third-year undergraduate or higher (grad students welcome)
  • Work style: Informal, proactive, entrepreneurial. Dream in Mexico and Dev.f are both small organizations where you can see a bit of everything but there’s not a lot of formal structure.
  • Computer skills: Experience developing websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and/or modern frameworks such as React or Angular


Interns will have free access to the Impact Hub Mexico City, a coworking space for socially-oriented startups. There will be great opportunities to connect with organizations and leaders in both the social/NGO and technology communities. The technology projects will be guided by mentors who work full-time in the industry and have years of experience at Google, Motorola, and startups.

More information about Dev.F can be found here: https://www.devf.mx/ And about Dream in Mexico here: http://dreaminmexico.org/

Copy and paste this code to your website.
Copy and paste this code to your website.

Fundación IDEA & C230 Consultores//Public Policy Consulting

(Gradute Students only)

C230 Consultores and Fundación IDEA are two sister organizations that seek substantial impact on social and economic development, through the design, evaluation, analysis and implementation of public policies and programs.

Fundación IDEA (www.fundacionidea.org.mx), is one of Mexico’s first public-policy think-tanks, and it is independent, nonpartisan and not-for-profit. Fundación IDEA develops ideas and expands the boundaries of knowledge, and works as a reliable source of independent analysis to government officials. C230 Consultores (www.c-230.com), on the other hand, implements and refines these ideas. Therefore, both our donors and clients benefit from this cooperative structure between C230 Consultores and Fundación IDEA that shares knowledge, human resources and an operative and administrative backbone. Our team of over 40 consultants is multidisciplinary, international and has extensive experience and academic credentials from top universities worldwide, which allows us to offer high-quality solutions.

Project Description

Graduate Interns are in charge of the execution of a public policy consulting or research project, or a part of it. The Interns will respond to a Coordinator or Partner. Depending on the project assigned, they may work independently or supervise up to two analysts. The project is assigned considering the match between available projects and their characteristics, and interns strengths and areas of expertise.

Intern Qualifications

  • Come from preferred majors, such as Public Policy, Development, Economics, Sociology, or related fields.
  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience.
  • Excellent analytical, team management, coaching and interpersonal skills.
  • Verbally fluent and have superior writing skills in both English and Spanish.
  • Strong commitment to have an impact on society.
  • Proactive, assertive and solution-oriented personality
Copy and paste this code to your website.
Copy and paste this code to your website.

La Huerta de Elisa//Nutrition Start-up

La Huerta de Elisa is Mexico's 1st locally-inspired, all-natural baby food company. We leverage native foods that are marketed abroad as ¨superfoods¨ (i.e avocado, cactus, mamey) to provide Mexico´s children with the nutrients they need for their development. Our products are sold via our online platform, where we offer weekly and bi-weekly packages that are tailored for the working parent’s busy schedule.

Internship Projects

Nutrition Intern

  • Responsible for developing content on child nutrition to be shared with parents via our social media, online blogs and e-mail communication
  • Coordinate with our Head of Partnerships in planning and executing workshops for parents on nutritional tips for children
  • Advise on the development of new products (fruit & vegetable purees) as well as the messaging around nutritional benefits

Public Health Intern

  • Coordinate with our Head of Partnerships in identifying and establishing relationships with public, private and non-profit organizations in Mexico whose mission overlaps with ours of improving child nutrition through native fruits & vegetables
  • Conduct informational interviews with public and private health experts regarding the links of early childhood nutrition and long-term health
  • Represent La Huerta de Elisa at public health forums and other related events in Mexico City

Marketing Intern

  • Responsible for analyzing customer reach and conversion rates for our social media, e-mail marketing and other online channels
  • Conduct analysis of customer demographics and online viewing/purchasing habits, in order to maximize return on investment for ad spending via various channels
  • Work with our Digital Marketing Manager in conducting market research (surveys, interviews, focus groups) and incorporating the insights obtained into our strategy

Intern Qualifications

Child Nutrition Intern

  • Obtained or working towards a Bachelor or Master’s degree in nutrition, food science or a related field
  • Strong writing and reading skills in Spanish
  • Humility & ability to empathize with our target customer base (parents with busy lives)
  • Prior experience with child nutrition topics is a plus, but not required

Public Health Intern

  • Obtained or working towards a Master's degree in public health or public policy
  • Humility & ability to empathize with our target customer base (parents with busy lives)
  • Advanced understanding or fluency in Spanish is strongly preferred
  • Coursework in Latin America public health or food related topics is required

Marketing Intern

  • Humility and ability to empathize with target customer base (parents with busy lives)
  • 1st year graduate student in an MBA, MPP or MPH program
  • Understanding of social media (FB, Instagram), SEO, and other digital marketing channels
  • Experience in a marketing or creative content firm preferred, but not necessary
  • Advanced understanding or fluency in Spanish is required

MakeSense // Social Innovation

MAKESENSE (open to undergraduates and graduate students)

What is MakeSense?
MakeSense is an international organization that articulates citizens’ collective intelligence and digital technologies to support social entrepreneurs and develop solutions to the social and environmental urgent issues. 

How do we do it? 
This through the design of creativity workshops based on design methodologies and Design Thinking. During these workshops citizens spend two to three hours collaborating within a multidisciplinary group to rather help a social entrepreneur find a solution for a specific challenge or to emerge new projects which solve social and environmental challenges. 

Why do we do it? 
Our main objective is to boost the impact of social entrepreneurs by connecting them with inspiring and motivated citizens to find solutions to their challenges and continue to the next stage of their project. As well, MakeSense develops collective impact projects by articulating collaboration between actors among different sectors with the objective to find solutions to a transversal issue. 


Prototype of a project of problem solving between local governments, citizens, experts and social entrepreneurs.


  • Contribute to the development and implementation of MakeSense current projects.
  • Support in the update and documentation of creative processes and methodologies.
  • Support in the organization of events and creative workshops.
  • Support in MakeSense’s strategic planning for upcoming projects.
  • Support in the development of the impact measurement strategy 


1. You have experience in one or some of these areas:
- innovation & design thinking
- working on projects of collective impact. Involving different types of organizations such as corporates, public institutions, student associations, citizens.
- working on projects that promote citizen participation
- working on projects of opportunities development in vulnerable communities
- working on social development projects in government
- working on smart cities, sustainable cities, resilient cities projects
- working on climate change projects
2. You are autonomous but can easily report and work in team
3. You are a natural networker and a good connector
4. You have excellent communication skills
5. You are passionate about social entrepreneurship
6. You speak fluent Spanish


1. Gain deep knowledge of the local and global social entrepreneurship, civic innovation and sustainable cities sector.
2. Have access to Key actors in the social entrepreneurship, civic innovation and sustainable cities sector.
3. Learn MakeSense Methodologies (based in Design Thinking and Problem Solving methodologies)
4. Learning by doing. By prototyping new ways of collaboration and collective actions to tackle the main social and environmental challenges in big cities.


México, ¿Cómo Vamos?//Economics Think Tank

México, ¿Cómo Vamos? is an economics think tank focused on keeping track of economic indicators such as growth, informality and public debt at a national and subnational level based on specific targets through our “Economic Traffic Light”. Our goal is to communicate in a clear way public economic data for everyone to understand and better support their statements on economic policy. We also work as a link between the academia and the private and public sectors to develop ideas on how to reach Mexico’s full economic potential.

Internship Description

Presidential and local elections will be held in Mexico during 2018. Interns will participate in a research project to analyze several economic and social indicators at a national and subnational level. The purpose of this research will be to elaborate a booklet that evaluates the governors finishing their term. This booklet will also include concrete proposals to tear down obstacles for economic growth and tackle poverty and inequality. The purpose will be to heavily influence the political discourse and provide information for the civil society to develop specific demands from the candidates.

Intern Qualifications

  • Basic level of Spanish could be useful but it’s not compulsory
  • Preferred major: 1) Economics. 2) Political science students could also be useful as long as they’re are keen on working with data and statistics.
  • Computer skills: Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Design skills would be useful in order to translate economic data into easy-to-read infographics.
  • Interests: Students should have a strong interest in developing feasible public policy ideas based on hard data to address some of Mexico’s issues, such as the negative impact of labor productivity and informality on economic growth.

For more information: http://www.mexicocomovamos.mx/

Mexican Institute of Youth // Social development

Mexican Institute of Youth / Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud (IMJUVE)
(open to undergraduate students)

Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud.

Mexican Institute of Youth (IMJUVE), as part of the Ministry of Social Development, is the institution responsible for the design, coordination and implementation of the national youth policy in Mexico.

IMJUVE finds to design, articulate, implement and evaluate youth policy; to make it a priority on the public agenda and the cross-cutting issue in the work of the federal government. IMJUVE is also aware of the need to building inter-institutional and multisectoral partnerships, mainly with the youth based organizations.

Internship Projects

Project 1

  • Compilation and systematization of information sources on financing for youth projects and at government level.
  • Research on mechanisms for cooperation and financing of international organizations in the fields of youth.
  • Catalog build up of international sources of financing for young people or youth-focused agencies.  
  • Compilation and systematization of information sources on migration of young people.

Project 2.  

  • Gender and youth policy
  • Comparative analysis about gender and youth perspective
  • Gender perspective studies

Project 3.

  • Under the supervision of Jimena Valdés, the intern will collaborate in the compilation, systematization and elaboration of the annual follow-up report of the National Youth policy. The intern will analyze the information provided by national institutions and counterparts that develop public interventions aimed at youngsters.

Intern Qualifications

Project 1.

  • Have an excellent command of the Spanish Language, both speaking and writing.
  • Have an excellent command of the English Language, both speaking and writing
  • Knowledge and interest in reality and the process of defining the International Agenda on Youth Issues
  • Sensitivity and understanding of other culture (perhaps experience of living abroad)
  • Skills in organization, writing, analyze and synthesize
  • Have adaptive skills (autonomy, versatility and initiative) that allow them to work in a different and changing cultural enviroment
  • Knowledge on International Cooperation mechanisms
  • Knowledge on Youth Policy

Project 2.

  • Native Spanish language
  • Undergraduate/graduate
  • Work based by project
  • Microsoft® Office

Project 3.

  • Language skills: write, read, and speak Spanish at an Advanced Level
  • Academic Profiles: Social Sciences, Politics Bachelor (undergraduate 50+ advancement or graduate student)
  • Work Style: Ability to work in teams and under pressure

Podemos Progresar // Microfinance

PODEMOS PROGRESAR (open to graduate students)

Podemos Progresar is an inclusive microfinance company that brings credit and development products and services to its members. Our goal as an organization is to ignite development at the bottom of the pyramid. We are achieving that through our innovative service model that leverages the best of a microfinance organization with the best of a development organization. When our clients become eligible for a loan with Podemos Progresar, they also get access to a platform of services that focuses on improving the health, education and economic development of the family. We are redefining what a financial services firm can be for clients at the bottom of the pyramid.

Internship Description:

The intern will develop a program to address the daily necessities of women in marginalized communities. The main focus of the project would be to use the design thinking methodology to understand the necessities of the families of our members and design a program that helps address their health, education or economic development needs.

Intern Qualifications:

  • Interest in development and policy implementation.
  • Experience working in the third world or with marginalized communities is a plus.
  • Technical and analytical background
  • Comfortable interacting in marginalized environments and communities.
  • Motivated, proactive, and able to carry on a project without direct supervision.
  • Advanced level of Spanish, in order to be able to spend a good deal of time listening to the opinions of exchanging ideas with participants.


SEDEMA, Ministry of Environment//Environment, Public Policy

The Department of Policy Planning and Evaluation (DGPCP, in Spanish) of Mexico City’s Ministry of Environment (SEDEMA by its acronym in Spanish) coordinates the design of priority environmental management plans and programs for Mexico City (CDMX). The DGPCP carries out studies to characterize and diagnose the environmental situation in CDMX and formulates projects and programs to reduce its degradation. Developing policies for Climate Change mitigation and adaptation, for Solid Waste Management and for the Ecological Ordinance of the Territory are the three priority areas of the Direction. The Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanisms Department (DCCMDL), as well as the Project Planning and Evaluation Department (DPEP) are pleased to invite Harvard students to undertake internships in our offices during 2018.

The Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanisms Department (DCCMDL), coordinates the climate change policy in Mexico City. Currently the DCCMDL coordinates the implementation and evaluation of the Climate Change Program for 2014 -2020, which is the main policy instrument to mitigate and adapt Mexico City to Climate Change. The Planning and Evaluation Projects Department (DPEP) directs, monitors and evaluates the projects of the Ministry of Environment of Mexico City. The DPEP also develops strategic analysis and environmental diagnosis, administers activities and programs, and directs the development of indicators for performance and program impactevaluations. Furthermore, one of its attributions is the coordination of projects and programs for the integral management of solid urban waste.

Internship Projects

1. Climate Change Project 

Project proposal development to participate in the C40 Clean Energy Network call for technical assistance. In March 2018, the C40 Clean Energy Network team will call forCities with clean energy projects to apply to get technical assistance for its development. The technical assistance has two main areas:1) Support from an internal consultant to create and study possible solar energy business models; 2) Support from an external partner to provide virtual technical assistance. Projects will be selected on the basis of ambition, political power and mitigation potential. Within the framework of this opportunity, there is the possibility for a Harvard intern to develop the clean energy project with which Mexico City can apply for technical assistance.

2. Heat Island effect map for Mexico City 

Develop the overlapping of the available maps to know the projections of the temperature’s variations in the short and medium term establishing the implications for the health of the inhabitants as well as the ecosystem. 

3. Planning and Evaluation Projects:

The Government of Mexico City has developed a methodological tool to implement management and procurement actions in the Public Administration infrastructure and offices with less environmental impact.The main goal is to reduce and minimize the negative impacts on the environment caused by government activities and consumption. The developed tool is called “Environmental Management System” (SAA). The Harvard intern will participate in its implementation, mainly by working on two topics: Solid waste and Sustainable government procurement (goods and services).

Intern Qualifications

  • Spanish proficiency: 80%
  • Administration/management, waste and environmental management systems.
  • Interest in environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Knowledge and experience on climate change issues, emissions mitigation and adaptation actions.
  • Majors/Specialties: Climatologists, Urbanists, Geographers, Natural Resource Engineers, Sustainability Science, Environmental Science, and/or others.

UNESCO // Culture Sector

UNESCO (open to undergraduate and graduate students)

The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) was founded on 16 November 1945. UNESCO works to create the conditions for dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based upon respect for commonly shared values. It is through this dialogue that the world can achieve the global vision of sustainable development, encompassing the observance of human rights, mutual respect and the alleviation of poverty, all of which are at the heart of UNESCO’s mission and activities.

The broad goals and concrete objectives of the International Community – as set out in the internationally agreed Development Goals, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – underpin all of UNESCO’s strategies and activities. Thus, UNESCO’s unique competencies in education, the sciences, culture, and communication and information contribute towards the realization of these goals.

UNESCO’s mission is to contribute to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education, the sciences, culture, communication and information.

Internship Description:

Under the supervision of the Director and the Culture Specialists, the intern shall:

- Provide support in the elaboration of project documents, the preparation of technical papers, presentations and briefings related to the UNESCO Culture Sector's Humid Tropics project.
- Provide assistance in the preparation of meetings.
- Participate in the coordination of projects developed with other counterparts in the Culture Sector.

Intern Qualifications:

- Students preferably in the field of natural sciences and the environment (especially conservation of biodiversity and systems of traditional indigenous knowledge).
- Language skills: interns are expected to be proficient in Spanish and English. 
- Interested in international cooperation, international relations, urban and social development.
- An open minded attitude, adaptable and able to work with a demanding workload are essential.


WorldFund // Education Reform

(open to undergraduate and graduate students)

Worldfund is a nongovernmental organization whose vision is for every child in Latin America to benefit from exceptional educators who inspire them to learn the skills necessary for dignified work and life. Our mission is to deliver world-class training and ongoing support to teachers and principals from underserved schools in Latin America, fundamentally impacting the system from the bottom up.

In addition to our program STEM Brazil, we currently have two programs operating in Mexico: IAPE (Inter-American Partnership for Education), which trains, empowers, and supports a network of innovative English-language educators in Mexico, and LISTO, which trains and supports public school principals in Mexico currently serving in kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools through a three-year intensive course of study for 50 principals at a time.

Worldfund promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h51Pc4MGQU4

Internship Projects: 

We are currently seeking interns to work closely with the development and communications team to conduct education and fundraising research, assist with event planning and execution, assist with the development, implementation and measurement of Worldfund’s social media strategy, and other general office duties as needed. The ideal candidate will have superb research and writing skills, experience developing and engaging interactive communities on social media outlets, experience in event planning, interest in the nonprofit sector, and interest and/or experience in education and Latin America.

Intern Qualifications:

  • Profile Passion for Worldfund's mission to improve the quality of education in Latin America
  • Minimum of intermediate Spanish, and Portuguese is a plus
  • Computer skills (Microsoft Office suite, Google for Work, video editing or design platform experience is a plus)
  • Media communications skills - social media
  • Flexibility and versatility to work on fast-growing and continuously evolving projects
  • Attention to detail Entrepreneurship, strong ability to work in highly unstructured environment; readiness to roll up sleeves
  • Strong relationship-building skills
  • Spanish required


  • Assist in research for grant proposals and general research related to education to inform our program development and outreach
  • Participate in planning meeting agendas
  • Assist in preparing communication materials
  • Assist in fundraising and grant applications
  • Collect, track, and disseminate program tracking, reporting, and documentation
  • Take and distribute minutes for relevant internal and external meetings
  • Translation of internal and external documents
  • In conjunction with the Worldfund development and communications team, support the Worldfund Mexico communications strategy
  • Provide support as needed to staff
  • Other duties as assigned by Development and Communications Managers


Yalo Chat//Computer Science, chatbots

Yalo Chat works with businesses providing them chatbots that help them improve customer service and consumer communication.

Internship Projects

Potential projects include working with our engineers optimizing our operation/natural language processing/platform; UX/UI design for our platform or specific products; Social media marketing strategy to drive significant traffic to existing chatbots.

Intern Qualifications

We can customize projects to either undergraduate or graduate level students. Computer Science, Design, Business or similar majors are ideal but we're open to different skills and experience levels if there's a strong interest on the part of the student. Knowledge of Spanish is helpful, but not required.

For more information: https://www.yalochat.com/